Hi, my name is Ruth and this is my blog to show & share my quilts that I give to family & friends.
Simple designs that may inspire you to make one too.

My Other Blogs ...

The Fabric Hog is where I post (to sell) my 100% cotton, designer fabric grocery bags.  The 'quilting bug' started after making so many bags over the years (sewn one at a time by me in my garage ... see the About page), and seeing all the pretty quilting fabrics for sale.

The fabrics I use for the market bags are bold and bright, so it is a fun alternative to sew with the beautiful delicate designs used in quilting.  Quilting is also diverse - my bag pattern needs to remain consistent, whereas quilting is unlimited in what geometry you can use.

Duchess of Dominos is where my hand crafted domino keychains & pocket mirrors are shown - it's been a handy site when I do craft fairs to show what is available.

Lastly, Master of the Pot has been a little neglected but still relevant - its where I post my tried and proven crock pot or recent internet recipes.  I am the guinea pig of my friends to try a recipe - and only the good ones get posted. 

Thanks for stopping by at Ye Olde Sweatshop - any comments, emails or questions are welcome - Sincerely, Ruth :)

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