Hi, my name is Ruth and this is my blog to show & share my quilts that I give to family & friends.
Simple designs that may inspire you to make one too.


Welcome to my quilt blog, my name is Ruth.

Why Ye Olde Sweatshop?  
 I live in Southern California, but my parents came from this lovely village in the north of England.  I spent most of my summers over there and as many of you know ... so many pubs and shops are named, 'Ye Olde  "fill in the blank".
When I starting making fabric grocery bags to sell, I set up a sewing area in my garage. One day in the middle of summer I was down there with friends, (baking in the heat and fabric was everywhere) ... I said that we may as well be in a sweat shop - literally, since we were all sweating buckets.  The name stuck and this blog became a place to post my finished quilts. (In winter we fondly call my 'sewing room' the dungeon since it gets so cold).

Philosophy about quilts

I am self taught - reading internet tutorials and watching
youtube videos from so many talented 'real' sewers.

I like to make quilts that are reasonably quick to assemble and can be machine washed and dried.  I have kept a few quilts for myself and happily given the rest away to family & friends. 

Final thoughts ...

It's always better to make a simple quilt and finish it, then try to make a masterpiece and loathe it for months or years.  Life is too short not to take advantage of the beautiful fabrics that exist.  Find a quilt pattern you like, be reasonable and honest about how much time you have to sew, and most importantly ... enjoy the process.   

Be content with the limits of yourself and your machine.  Look for pictures of quilts made with fabric you like - don't be afraid to do something similar and use what others have done as a launching point. Quilting is supposed to be fun ...  I hope this blog helps you a little when you make your quilt.  :)


  1. Yay! Yes thank you, helpful and inspiring.

    1. I wish you well with your crafty pursuits whatever they may be. :)

  2. I love your explanation about the name! Hey, thanks, too, for posting the details about each quilt. It's really helpful to know exactly what people used in their projects to get a sense of how different materials work together!