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Simple designs that may inspire you to make one too.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gypsy Caravan Half Square Triangle Quilt (#72)

Amy Butler's Gypsy Caravan was just being re-printed in 2012 when I started to quilt - how lucky am I.  No matter what quilt block I have used - this eclectic collection never disappoints. 
                Here is how I made the blocks:  
Starch and iron fabric - and cut with the Accuquilt 4.5" finished Half Square Triangle die. For each block you need:  12 HST in white and color - and 4 HST in all color.
Layout your block as shown above.  It helps to have one handy on a wall for reference. To complete the quilt I just made more half square triangles to fill in the edges.
Aurifil 50wt. Muslin (#2311) on the front and variegated French Lilac (#3840) on the back were my secret weapons for quilting - along with lovely Kona white.
I have had quite the hoard of Gypsy Caravan over the years - and grabbed up enough Turkish Paisley in anticipation of having it for a quilt back one day.  
Why it is easier to start a new project than finish old ones - this quilt top was made in 2014.  For no real reason it just sat there while I sewed a ton of other quilts!  I forgot how big I trimmed the squares, how many triangles to cut ... so many details.  

I look forward to the day when my orphan projects are finished and white knuckle it to do only one at a time ... here's hoping anyway :)  

Gypsy Caravan by Amy Butler
White Kona
Warm & White batting
Aurifil 50wt. #2311 and 3840
Accuquilt 4.5" finished HST die
Size: 62.5" x 81"
February 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Diagonal 9 Patch Quilt in Good Fortune (#71)

Even on a cloudy day Good Fortune by Kate Spain is bright and brilliant. A simple pattern that works every time with all types of fabrics.

Here is how you make the blocks:
 Sew together 9 squares - mine were 5".  Cut on the diagonal from corner to corner. Mix up your 'triangles' so you have a variety of colors and then pick two.  Put them together with the large squares across from each other - (image 4.) Sew together and trim all the same size. 

If you like a particular fabric - place it where it will NOT be cut on the diagonal -   Image 3 above shows this the best. Each 'triangle' will always have a 'focus' square - use your prettiest fabric there.

Here are 4 blocks.  By being mindful when you do the layout - you can make a little diamond in the middle and larger diamonds (see BIG arrows!)
White dimple dot minky with Aurifil 50wt. thread Muslin (#2311) on the front and white (#2024) on the back. Quilted on the seams with a wavy stitch and new #14 needle.
For more about Kate Spain and her 2012 collection Good Fortune - here is a Designer Tidbits courtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop.

Good Fortune by Kate Spain / Moda
Binding:  Terrain by Kate Spain / Moda
Warm & White batting
Kona White
Dimple Dot minky - white 
Aurifil 50wt. thread
Size: 59" x 73"
February 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thicket Baby Quilts (#69 & #70)

Total creative credit (and any other credit you can think of) for these two baby quilts goes to Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter.  When I saw her Thicket quilt, it was obvious that she nailed how to use these beautiful black & white modern fabrics. 
Yes, I did the cutting and sewing, but Amy was generous in her post to explain how she made her quilt. Judging by all the enthusiastic comments - I am not the only one who wanted to make one (or two) just like hers.
The squares are 2.5" and cut from pre-washed & starched fat quarters.  I was worried about any black bleeding so with a few Shout Catchers and a pre-wash I felt better.  No bleeding after assembly and final washing.
I sewed the squares first that framed the critters and then cut the panels to that size - my modus operandi because my seams are never mathematically correct and I always need to trim to fit. Amy's quilt was made with a jelly roll - and her method is here.
 White minky on the back and quilting on the seams with a wavy stitch in Aurifil 50wt. Muslin (#2311) on top and White (#2024) on the bottom. A new #14 needle and it was fun, fun, fun to make blankets so small.
These quilts represent all that is good in the internet world of quilting.  I started teaching myself to quilt in 2012 with no real experience - just a semester of sewing in 7th grade back in the Dark Ages.  One of the first blogs I found was Diary of a Quilter and it was love at first read. It is quilters like Amy Smart that in real life & on line, teach, share, inspire and support sewers like myself ... giving us the benefit of their expertise and the tools so we can make quilts ... just like theirs.

Design & instructions: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter
Thicket by Gingiber for Moda 
Aurifil 50wt. Muslin / White
Warm & White batting
Wintergreen Aged Solids Ebony / binding
Sizes: 38" x 44"
February 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Modern Low Volume Triangle Quilt (#68)

I wanted a quilt that emulated the classic look of natural linen.  Triangles looked fun and modern so I used the Accuquilt Equilateral Triangle die and a variety of hand picked fabrics.  Some had no selvage but 7 are listed below out of the 10 used.  All were pre-washed, ironed and starched before going through the cutter.
Be prepared for lots of ironing during triangle assembly and row connecting. I do my layouts on two portable banquet tables and the sheer volume of pieces for this quilt was 630 triangles (30 triangles across and 21 rows down) ... they exceeded my table space! 
Here was my simple hack for layout since I have no design wall and it had to be random but balanced at the same time. When Rows 1-6 were sewn & looked pretty good, I started to repeat the sequence of triangles. Row 7 is almost a copy of Row 1... and so forth. Truthfully though, by Row 21 everything was getting a little jumbled -but since I couldn't see any glaring mistakes - it was all good!
Quilting was done with Aurifil 50wt. #2000, following all the sides of the triangles along the seams.  The wavy line stitch length is 3.5 and it created a nice puffy effect after washing. The  50wt. thread also melded into the various tones of beige & light fabrics and the minky back - perfect.
Final thoughts: The monochromatic nature of this quilt demanded that the fabrics be hand picked and matched in person - no internet shopping here.  Also, to keep track of fabric in row by row quilt tops - just number your pins with a Sharpie - works great and is cheap too. I always put my numbered pin (the correct way up) on the left side of any piece.  That way I always know what is top to bottom and left to right when sewing or cutting. (Just be careful when you iron - the plastic flower heads melt ... ask me how I know!)
Rhoda Ruth / Elizabeth Hartman
Mini Pearl Bracelets / Andover
Cotton  + Steel / Mochi Folklore Moon Rabbit and XOXO
La Vie En Rouge  Paisley / Ivory / Timeless Treasures
Ambleside Linen white / Moda
Modern Background Essentials / Zen Chic / Moda
Kona white
Warm & White batting
Dimple dot minky / beige
Aurifil 50wt. #2000 Light Sand
Size: 60" x 74.5"
February 2017 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Grand Canal Granny Square Quilt (#67)

Kate Spain's latest collection called Grand Canal is so beautiful that it was a no brainer to make a quilt out of these 35 fabulous fabrics.
Having made my first Granny Square quilt a month ago I knew that the larger 3.5" squares would highlight the sweet gondola images, Venetian flowers and mosaic motifs.
After starching & cutting fat eighths, I put all the squares in piles with only one goal in mind: make the prettiest granny square I could, one by one.  Although I only needed 20 blocks, I made a total of 25 - that gave me some wiggle room when it came to color balancing the final layout.
Kona white sashing, the ever versatile vanilla minky on the back from Fabric.com, Aurifil 50wt. Muslin (#2311) on the top and Light Sand (#2000) on the bottom - a new #14 needle - well, it's always a perfect fit!
This is my second quilt (and certainly not my last) to be auctioned off at the Immaculate Heart Mother/Daughter Luncheon - my alma mater and soon to be my daughter's in June.  So, from the class of '75 and 2017 - this beautiful Kate Spain patchwork is just for you.

Grand Canal by Kate Spain
Warm & White batting
Dimple dot minky - vanilla
Aurifil 50wt. #2311 & #2000
Kona white
Size: 59" x 76.5"
February 2017