Hi, my name is Ruth and this is my blog to show & share my quilts that I give to family & friends.
Simple designs that may inspire you to make one too.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marmalade Pin Wheel Quilt (#11)

Taking 5" squares and making them into pinwheels by sewing down either side of a middle line (Perfect Pinwheels from Valeria Custom Quilting). 

Sewing 4 together and then trimming to an 8" square.
6 rows across and 7 rows down for a total of 42 blocks.
Jelly roll sashing in white with marmalade thrown in for accents & using left over charms for the border edges.

Quilted with a flannel middle and cotton/marmalade cotton on the back (Bloom in Blueberry) - with white Gutermann sew all thread.
Binding information in page at the top of blog - for a blanket stitch binding tutorial, and attaching the binding - Valerie has two good tutorials here for a future quilt to try.
58" x 80"
June 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Skull Tumbler with Minky (#10)

5" tumbler (from Missouri Star Quilt) quilt made with Folklorica Skull cotton from David Textiles with Kona Jet Black.  Backed with dimple dot minky and Michael Miller Clown stripe in black & white.  16 rows across and 17 rows down - (total 272 tumblers cut)  quilted with Gutterman grey all sew on the front, aqua on the back, using #12 universal needle.

I bought 2 1/2 yards of each fabric - there were leftovers.
262" of binding - (6 1/2 cuts of strips @40" wide), plus 20" for tails.  So you have to buy about 20" of fabric (just over 1/2 yard) to go around the quilt.
53" wide x 75" long
The Tend the Earth (see below), same amount of tumblers - came out 55x76" - depends if your fabric stretches a little.
May 2013

2 ... Curiosities (#8 & 9)

Curiosities by Nancy Holverson, one layer cake (made enough for an extra 4 rows. Kona white/snow jelly roll, Kaufman lavander flannel with Michael Miller/Gypsy Bandana Gingham Aqua as binding.  Pattern from SweetJane (etsy) although I did it wrong and had to trim smaller.
Batting is white flannel.
39" wide x 52" long
August 2012

Curiosities 2 - (below) used the 4 left over rows from the previous quilt- added a disappearing 9 patch for the 2 middle rows - coordinating fabric by Nancy Holverson, backed in Robert Kaufman blue flannel. 
55" x 69"
October 2012

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tend the Earth Tumbler (#7)

Tend the Earth by Deb Strain (Moda) with Kona white and some stray lavender - using 5" tumbler template. 
16 tumblers wide (54') by 17 tumblers rows (73.5") 

By the bolt JoAnn's bleached 100% cotton muslin 60" wide was the inside layer - between a pieced cotton top - and Robert Kaufman's cozy cotton flannel.  A better feel than just with cotton top & flannel back.

Flannel back, muslin and fabric was pre-washed since they were all 1/2 yards to start.
The quilting lines followed the tumbler shape.  Gutterman sew all thread for the top and Isacord 40# 100% polyester white for bottom bobbin worked great with a walking foot.

December 2012

A Walk in the Woods 9 patch (#6)

A Walk in the Woods
 by Aneela Hoey, back with Robert Kaufman cozy cotton flannel sky.  Disappearing 9 patch, using red in the center square so that all 'corners' would be red.

Moda white (or Milk) jelly is the sashing.
Finished size:  54" wide by 67" long.
November 2012

Fox Trails Tumbler (#5)

Fox Trails from Riley Blake with 5" tumbler template.  Backed with coordinating cream fox flannel.
This is what happens when you make your first tumbler quilt and have NO idea how many charm packs to buy - you patch & patch!
55" x 69"
October 2012

A Walk in the Woods - Tumbler (#4)

A Walk in the Woods tumbler baby quilt made with Aneela Hoey charm packs.  Cotton top and back, Quilter's Double Brushed 90" wide white flannel in between (fabric.com).  Using a large zigzag with 30# white Star machine quilt thread.
37.5" x 42" long

October 2012

Lantern Festival Tumbler (#3)

 Tumbler quilt in Lantern Festival by Benartex, mixed with Curiosities by Nancy Holverson, Kate Spain (purple) & Moda Marble Swirls in robin egg blue.  (a quick scrapy quilt made for a little girl who loves Mulan)
Plastic tumbler template from the Missouri Star Quilt Company for 5" pre-cuts (charms). Tutorial here.

If using a directional fabric you have to lay out your un-cut squares first - and then cut them using the template to match them to the previous row.  Wide on top goes with wide on the bottom.
Quilted only with Robert Kaufman lilac flannel on the back with zigzag stitch, Gutermann all sew thread.
46" x 51" 
August 2012

Amy Butler Tumbling Rose (#2)

Amy Butler tumbling rose, floating buds & sunspots in olive - mixed with Kona white.  Missouri Star Quilt company tutorial Fast & Easy Pinwheels with 10" squares.
Batting is white flannel, back with Cozy Cotton flannel from Robert Kaufman - binding Amy Butler sunspots in olive.
36' x 51" 
August 2012

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghastlies ... Quilt as You Go (#1)

After making a few rug mugs ... I figured I could make a quilt ...foolish mortal ... it all began here!

Ghastlies Night and Family Reunion by Alexander Henry.  Wonky block quilt done from tutorial from Tall Grass Prairie Studio - cutting each side so it was super wonky - more than in the tutorial.

Each block was at least 16" and then it was trimmed to 15" using a square 15x15" Omnigrid template.

 Using Quilt Matters tutorial for connecting the 20 squares - using 1" strips for the side to side pieces in front & back - but for the long joining pieces that ran the length of the 4 squares - attaching the next row of 4 squares - I added an extra 1/8" to the back strip only.
The front panels were the oned that I joined first - leaving me to iron a scant 1/4" hem on the back strip and them machine attach it with a zigzag stitch.  The stitching did come through to the front somewhat irregular - but the quilt is so busy it doesn't matter.  If I needed to tug or adjust the joing strip on the back because it wasn't totally straight - all 'defects' were on the back.

Fabric spray adhesive to join before quilting - all fabric prewashed since they weren't precuts.  Gutermann's sew all thread to quilt with a regular foot - seams were ironed side to side - not open.

A walking foot was better to attach the block with the sashing strips - and the usual 2.5" binding.  Fabrics were Eerie Alley, Michael Miller, Ghastlies & Riley Blake for the grey from Fox Trails.  The back is Dimples Honeycomb flannel from Andover.
First quilt:  only flannel and cotton top - 
Summber 2012

One year later (2013) - this was my first quilt with tons of 'mistakes' - what would I change..  
*  I would add a layer of batting in between the flannel & top piece to give it more body.  
* I would press open my seams as I do now, and finally, since I now buy my fabric on-line and know more about fabric & designers, etc. -  I would have bought my first choice of grey flannel (not pink).