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Sunday, March 16, 2014

California Girl Coin Quilt (#20)

 My first stacked coin quilt made from Fig Tree Quilts' California Girl fabric collection.  Using a 4" wide quilt ruler I cut the entire jelly roll into individual pieces 4" long x 2.5" wide.

 This is a tedious way, versus sewing long strips together and then cutting - but I liked it because I had complete control of where each color went and how long to make the 'coin strips'.  This was a 'make up the  size as you go' type of quilt for me (using Crazy Mom Quilts stacked coin quilt tutorial as a basic guide).

 The top and bottom were fun because I randomly sewed the 2.5" edges together into one giant length - then cut it into the widths I wanted, making sure that each row was 'off-set' with the one below it.

A summer coverlet weight, this is backed with Michael Miller's Dumb Dot flannel in beige and the 'batting' is muslin.  Kona white accents and California Girl 'daisy' in ocean for the binding. Quilting was done with a smaller ragged zig zag stitch using Isacord 40 wt. top and bottom with a walking foot.  Binding attached with my first time use of Aurifil 50 wt. beige - both threads were nice and smooth.

I have a Janome DC2013 which has 50 stitches - and this ragged zig zag is the only stitch that 'covers' both sides of the seam.  Since I always press my seams open - it catches a little of each side and can be adjusted for size & width depending on the quilt.  This dainty quilt needed a smaller size zig zag - the Buried Treasure a larger & wider one.  It's very forgiving if you stray off the seam line, which is your guide as you quilt.  win/win:)

Size:  56" x 68"
March 2014

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