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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sabby Chic Accuquilt Tumbler (#23)

The goal was to make a shabby chic quilt. Using different 6 fabric patterns, including Paris Flea market by 3 Sisters and Petal by Tany Whelan - this quilt is all that.  
The photos don't capture  how well all these colors & tones meld and harmonize with the blush minkey dimple dot - which photographs like a salmon color - but in real life they look great together. 

Using the Accuquilt large tumbler die, minkey back and muslin in the middle so you can't feel the seams - I quilted it using Gutermann pinks with the broken zig zag stitch following the tumbler shapes from top to bottom - and across the tumbler rows from side to side.
Size:  57x72"
April 2014

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