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Friday, April 24, 2015

Sweet As Honey Quilt (#35)

Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine is a beautiful collection of autumn hues that look so pretty in a random tumbler pattern.  20 fat quarters were cut using a 6.5" Accuquilt tumbler die - with left overs cut into small squares that filled out the sides.  
Ironing and starching are a must since Art Gallery fabric is thinner and more delicate than most quilting cottons, so don't go too fast when you start sewing your pieces. 
 If you go too fast with those first stitches (mine were very small at 1.5) this thinner fabric can dip into the needle 'hole' and you end up with lots of really small stitches on top of each other - almost impossible to cut apart since the fabric is so fragile.
I tried a new combination of layering - cotton top / Warm & White batting / minky back.  
I was worried that minky and batting would be too massive for this dainty cotton - but it wasn't.  There didn't seem to be much weight difference between using my usual flannel in the middle versus the Warm & White - and I kept the size modest with lap quilt dimensions.

(Note:  Warm & White/Natural seems thinner to me now than when I started quilting a few years ago.  Back then, a minky/batting combo seemed just too heavy.)
Quilting was a medium sized broken zig zag in Aurifil 50wt. Sand, following the tumbler shape and then down the middle from top to bottom.  

Sweet as Honey / Art Gallery 
Warm & White batting
Aurifil  Sand 50wt.
Minky dimple dot in Camel
Accuquilt 6.5" tumbler
Size: 58 "x 75"
April 2015

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