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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Skull Tumbler with Minky (#10)

5" tumbler (from Missouri Star Quilt) quilt made with Folklorica Skull cotton from David Textiles with Kona Jet Black.  Backed with dimple dot minky and Michael Miller Clown stripe in black & white.  16 rows across and 17 rows down - (total 272 tumblers cut)  quilted with Gutterman grey all sew on the front, aqua on the back, using #12 universal needle.

I bought 2 1/2 yards of each fabric - there were leftovers.
262" of binding - (6 1/2 cuts of strips @40" wide), plus 20" for tails.  So you have to buy about 20" of fabric (just over 1/2 yard) to go around the quilt.
53" wide x 75" long
The Tend the Earth (see below), same amount of tumblers - came out 55x76" - depends if your fabric stretches a little.
May 2013

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