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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghastlies ... Quilt as You Go (#1)

After making a few rug mugs ... I figured I could make a quilt ...foolish mortal ... it all began here!

Ghastlies Night and Family Reunion by Alexander Henry.  Wonky block quilt done from tutorial from Tall Grass Prairie Studio - cutting each side so it was super wonky - more than in the tutorial.

Each block was at least 16" and then it was trimmed to 15" using a square 15x15" Omnigrid template.

 Using Quilt Matters tutorial for connecting the 20 squares - using 1" strips for the side to side pieces in front & back - but for the long joining pieces that ran the length of the 4 squares - attaching the next row of 4 squares - I added an extra 1/8" to the back strip only.
The front panels were the oned that I joined first - leaving me to iron a scant 1/4" hem on the back strip and them machine attach it with a zigzag stitch.  The stitching did come through to the front somewhat irregular - but the quilt is so busy it doesn't matter.  If I needed to tug or adjust the joing strip on the back because it wasn't totally straight - all 'defects' were on the back.

Fabric spray adhesive to join before quilting - all fabric prewashed since they weren't precuts.  Gutermann's sew all thread to quilt with a regular foot - seams were ironed side to side - not open.

A walking foot was better to attach the block with the sashing strips - and the usual 2.5" binding.  Fabrics were Eerie Alley, Michael Miller, Ghastlies & Riley Blake for the grey from Fox Trails.  The back is Dimples Honeycomb flannel from Andover.
First quilt:  only flannel and cotton top - 
Summber 2012

One year later (2013) - this was my first quilt with tons of 'mistakes' - what would I change..  
*  I would add a layer of batting in between the flannel & top piece to give it more body.  
* I would press open my seams as I do now, and finally, since I now buy my fabric on-line and know more about fabric & designers, etc. -  I would have bought my first choice of grey flannel (not pink).

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