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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Heart Quilt (#76)

There are lots of different ways to make a heart quilt.  This time I wanted one BIG heart that could use up lots of red stash fabric.
It's fun to see how versatile half square triangles can be for the same motif - both quilts were made using the 4.5" finished Accuquilt triangle die.
To offset all the white on the top and bottom, I choose red minky for the back. The only compromise you have to make when using a dark minky on the back is that some of the colored minky may pull through and show on a light fabric top because it is so 'fuzzy'. A little color show through is a small price to pay for an overall great soft minky quilt.
Quilted with Aurifil 50wt. #2311 (muslin) in a wavy stitch, I followed the seams first and then sewed down the middle (right to left & top to bottom) to create little "pillows" that are about 2" square.  
Once it is all washed and dried these little quilted pillows create such a nice texture.  After making more than 30 quilts with minky backing I find simple grid quilting works well. 
Various scrap fabrics
Warm & White batting
Dimple dot minky / red
Aurifil 50wt. #2311
Accuquilt 4.5" finished HST die
Size: 60" x 70"
April 2017

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