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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thicket Baby Quilts (#69 & #70)

Total creative credit (and any other credit you can think of) for these two baby quilts goes to Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter.  When I saw her Thicket quilt, it was obvious that she nailed how to use these beautiful black & white modern fabrics. 
Yes, I did the cutting and sewing, but Amy was generous in her post to explain how she made her quilt. Judging by all the enthusiastic comments - I am not the only one who wanted to make one (or two) just like hers.
The squares are 2.5" and cut from pre-washed & starched fat quarters.  I was worried about any black bleeding so with a few Shout Catchers and a pre-wash I felt better.  No bleeding after assembly and final washing.
I sewed the squares first that framed the critters and then cut the panels to that size - my modus operandi because my seams are never mathematically correct and I always need to trim to fit. Amy's quilt was made with a jelly roll - and her method is here.
 White minky on the back and quilting on the seams with a wavy stitch in Aurifil 50wt. Muslin (#2311) on top and White (#2024) on the bottom. A new #14 needle and it was fun, fun, fun to make blankets so small.
These quilts represent all that is good in the internet world of quilting.  I started teaching myself to quilt in 2012 with no real experience - just a semester of sewing in 7th grade back in the Dark Ages.  One of the first blogs I found was Diary of a Quilter and it was love at first read. It is quilters like Amy Smart that in real life & on line, teach, share, inspire and support sewers like myself ... giving us the benefit of their expertise and the tools so we can make quilts ... just like theirs.

Design & instructions: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter
Thicket by Gingiber for Moda 
Aurifil 50wt. Muslin / White
Warm & White batting
Wintergreen Aged Solids Ebony / binding
Sizes: 38" x 44"
February 2017

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