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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hourglass Quilt in Noteworthy (#59)

The thing about this Noteworthy quilt from Sweetwater is that the muted pallet looks fabulous in person - but rather washed out in photos.  This is my 4th quilt made with Noteworthy and it's soothing calm appeal is perfect for a variety of age groups and tastes - (the other quilts are linked here).
What I learned after making this 3rd hourglass quilt using the Accuquilt 6.5" HST die (how I did it here) is while my sewing skills are good - even with starch and careful sewing I ended up with ripples in the border from naturally bias stretchy edges. I thought I could overcome this rippled border by being more careful but sadly that's not the case. So, my simple hack, like the last time, was to fold the extra fabric into 3 little pleats each near a seam line - and stitch over them - not perfect but not that bad either.
Lovely white minky, a broken zig zag stitch over the seam lines using my new favorite Aurifil 50wt. thread of Muslin (#2311) and a #14 needle is a win/win.
Lastly, its always fun to use fabric that has such fun scribbles and text.  
This is "Teen Quilt No.4" ready for my dauther's friends.
Noteworthy by Sweetwater (from Moda)
Aurifil 50wt. Muslin (#2311)
Dimple dot Minky white
Warm & White batting
Size: 59" x 76"
December 2016

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